Reviews and Commentary

Made as Makers highlighted that creativity in faith includes the importance of matching people to practice, the experimentation required to discover what fits, and the necessary balance between what fits and pushing boundaries of comfort… Once you’re in this conversation about creative faith, it is really kind of hard to leave…

–Kellie Gentry of Provetive Magazine

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…an important resource for the Church to employ in a small-group settings or even in a contemplative context; either way, this will ignite discourse…

–George Elerick, author of Jesus Bootlegged

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You get a sense of how creativity moves in your life, and how creativity is central to our lives as created beings… This movie is so important, so enlightening, so opening that I would recommend it for every community of faith…

–John O'Keefe, author of  Boneyard: creatives will change the way we lead in the church

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 …this film accomplishes it’s goal: It is an invitation to a new way of being. It is an investigation into the things that matter most.

–Jesse Turri of Valley Mosiac and Turri Design

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It will need curating, but pieces of “Made As Makers” will serve as valuable conversation starters for spurring creative work.  …I’m certain church leaders and thinkers should watch it and use it.

–Rocky Supinger of

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