The Tech Used

Made as Makers was shot entirely on a Canon T2i Digital SLR camera using an Audio Technica ATR 55 Shotgun Mic and the Zoom H4N for off-camera sound recording. 

I was incredibly pleased with both products, but have to say that the Zoom was the MVP: the times when it ran out of juice or got left in the hotel room, etc., were the times I most regretted. 

The T2i does great in lots of settings though, and even though it can only capture 11 minutes at a time before needing to hit stop and re-start record, that isn't too large of an inconvenience because shots rarely need to be more than 11 minutes long, even in interview settings like I had. If I had to do it all over again I think I would keep all this equipment and maybe just add a rolling-dolly for support on some shots.