Getting a Copy

How Do I Get a Copy?

Other than just clicking on the link on the homepage and watching it online (after it goes up June 1), there are two ways to get a copy of the movie.

First (and vastly preferable to the second option), if you go to the film's Vimeo page, down underneath the movie and to the bottom-right you will see a "Download" button which will open up a box that lets you select the file type you would like to download to your computer. See the image below for an example. Once it has been downloaded you can either watch it on your computer or burn it to your own DVD.

Second (and only really desirable if you can't figure out the first or just REALLY want one for some reason), I will send you a burned DVD copy if you just pay me for the cost of the materials and shipping. If you want it sent out, clicking below will get you a copy sent via USPS Priority Mail.


$8.00 will cover the DVD and S&H.